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Christine Moy, the global president of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, has left JP Morgan.

Christine Moy an experienced member of blockchain and digital currencies, will also leave JP Morgan CEO . Hai did a lot of work at Megabank Wall Street. Led the establishment of the Onyx blockchain unit in 2020. Which operates a payment network called Link as well as JPM Coin. He also recently won the title of Global Head of Metaverse on the Onyx team. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been with the company for more than 18 years.

Before becoming global head of blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2016, he was involved in an investment bank and a company that syndicated the loan business and the sale and marketing of global commodities. He played a role. He wrote on LinkedIn:

After almost two decades, I am leaving JP Morgan to pursue new opportunities.

He added :

Thanks to the leadership of JP Morgan for the opportunities they have created for me to grow and learn. And I sincerely thank Umar Farooq and Takis Georgakopoulos and the other members for giving me the value I needed to take the risk, experiment, and build a credible team culture. I appreciate all the leaders who guided me even in the most difficult times. And they supported me financially.

According to his LinkedIn post, Moi is one of the most prominent wall currencies of digital currencies. He has worked hard to bridge the gap between the Western world and digital currencies. And has backed JP Morgan as banking cryptocurrencies such as Coinbase and Gemini.

He continued :

Our mission has been to make the impossible possible. I have led a team culture that has added to my courage and flexibility. And this guidance was focused on challenging the status quo and taking immediate action.

Onyx CEO Omar Farooq has announced in a note that his hair has suddenly disappeared. According to the memo, Susil Raja, Onyx Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer will take on many hair responsibilities.

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