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Intel unveiled its energy-efficient Bitcoin miner Bonanza Mine.

Intel, the most significant hardware company, has publicly released the technical specifications of its Bonanza Mine bitcoin mining hardware. Intel in 2022 at the International Conference on Solid Circuits (ISSCC) hosted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Revealed its first-generation Miner, which consumes much less energy than other products. Will offer.

Bitcoin mining is currently done using specialized hardware called program-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). According to the technical specifications presented at the conference, each of the Intel Bonanza Mine miners (BMZ1) has 300 BMZ1 chips. Using the name one-subscript in this conference means this Miner is the first generation of miner hardware.

All 300 BMZ1 chips combine to provide 3600 watts of power. And at the same time, it gives about 40 pulses per second of computing power for Miner. The packed specifications are behind the market’s leading miners’ hash rate. Bitmain‘s Antminer S19 and S19 Pro have a computing power of approximately 95 to 110 speeds per second. And above that is the MicroBT’s WhatsMiner M30S, which offers 112 reductions per second of hash potential. Bitmain has introduced a new liquid-cooled miner that, according to Company A, has a computing power of up to 198 drops per second.

BMZ1 consumes much more energy.

Although the new Intel product does not match the hash power of its competitors, the company claims that the BMZ1 consumes much more energy. Currently, companies such as Block and Argo are on the list of prominent customers of this Miner who have already registered their orders. Of course, Intel only offers BMZ1 chips to customers. To incorporate them into their mining systems. Whether it will send 3600-watt miners to customers is not yet known.

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