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Singapore-based Amber Group, a digital currency platform, reached $ 3 billion.

Amber Group’s digital currency platform has experienced a $ 200 million increase in value. The platform is led by Temasek, a Singapore -based independent wealth fund. Singapore-based Amber’s investment is worth $ 3 billion. And the total capital he has raised to date has reached $ 328 million.

In addition to Singapore fund leader Temasek, other investors have joined the investment, including Sequoia China, Pantera Capital, Tiger Global Management, True Arrow Partners, and Coinbase Ventures. The Amber platform was launched in 2017. And so far, it has offered a wide range of products to corporate clients and other clients. In addition to providing liquidity and marketing services, the platform also offers structured products and consulting services. According to a press release, the company now has more than 1,000 corporate clients worldwide and assets under management of more than $ 5 billion.

Amber Group CEO Michael Wu said the latest capital injection would boost employment in Europe and the Americas. And that will help meet organizational demand in those areas. The company has announced plans to expand WhaleFin, another high-yield digital asset program. Michael Wu also added:

We will look beyond the expansion of trade and strategic purchases to build a sustainable future for all as part of our commitment.

In early February, Amber’s WhaleFin bought the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DeCurret Inc., announcing its first attack on the Japanese market.

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