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The best option for the long-term hold of TRON (TRX) _ Tron paper wallet training

As we introduced in the previous articles, Tron Network (TRX), we mentioned that blockchain (TRX) has made it possible for its users to operate in an uncensored and open-source network, as well as the inpatient network to The purpose of creating intelligent contracts is to create centralized applications, which has led to the blockchain network becoming very popular with users and investors.

In this article, we try to introduce one of the most important ways to keep the currency of the Tron network, Tronix (TRX), because today, due to the increasing number of scams and hacking of accounts related to currency wallets, the use of A reliable way to keep digital currencies for a long time is essential. In the following, we will teach you how to work and make a paper wallet with the currency code.

TRON blockchain network and TRNX encryption (TRX) storage in paper wallet

As mentioned in previous articles on the introduction of various ways to store currency passwords, one of the safest ways to maintain a currency password against hackers and fraudsters is to use a paper wallet, which you can click on the link to read more do

As mentioned, Tron Paper Wallet (TRX) uses an off-web and offline mechanism to store TRX tokens, in which the addresses of the user’s TRX tokens and their private key will be printed on a piece of paper. In the same way, these addresses can be hacked on heat-resistant, friction, impact, and corrosion alloys.

It should be noted that this method and the physical preservation of addresses and private keys of the user on paper wallets or engraved on alloys is one of the safest security options in the storage of digital assets, which is also the best for keeping TRX cryptocurrencies. The option is for the long term.



Who Invented Tron?


Tron digital currency, like other digital currencies, does not have a long history. This currency was offered to the developer in 2017 with $ 0.0019 and an initial capital of $ 70 million. Its founding members are all employees of primary digital currency and internet business development companies that have come together to develop Tron. In the initial launch of this digital currency, initial tokens based on the Ethereum network were introduced. A year after the launch of its network, Tron took over the support of this digital currency. Tron’s first official token, the ERC-20, was introduced.


High-security Tron paper wallet


One of the highlights of the wallet is that Tron paper wallet is at the top of cryptocurrencies in terms of security, because as we mentioned, the private key in this method will be printed on a piece of paper and can be The advantages of this method were simple and it was free, kept in a safe place away from the Internet and hackers or any cloud or electronic storage space.

How to make a TRON paper wallet (TRX)

To start building a Tron wallet (TRX) as a general method in this direction, we must first use the Tron wallet’s auxiliary and conversion platform. Get the statistical and transactional information of Tron Blockchain Network (TRX) from it; one of the critical applications of this platform for users is to make a Tron paper wallet, which we will refer to the steps of making this route in the following.

For this purpose, at the beginning of the work, it is necessary to enter the address of the site. They go to the platform and provide wallet information, which leads to the hacking of their cryptocurrency.

tronscan_Paper wallet
tronscan_Paper wallet

After performing the above steps, you will see with a bit of patience that all your public addresses and private keys, along with the QR Code, are provided as follows.

tronscan_Paper wallet
tronscan_Paper wallet

A public address is an address that can be used to transfer TRX coins to your wallet without risking sharing them with others. A private key is a password or security phrase that you must have to access your coins. Write or print it on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.

One of the essential points in keeping this type of paper wallet is that it should be held in a safe place from wear and tear and even its severity. Another point in this regard is not providing this bag. Paper money is at the disposal of others.

How to withdraw from Tron Paper Wallet (TRX)

For this purpose, in the first place, you should use your private key using the Tronscan wallet scan, which you can do using the site by following the steps below. First, as before, click on the Connect option. Wallet Click on the top of the opened page, then select the Import Wallet option in the opened page and select the Private Key from the left, and in the box in front of it, enter your private key and finally click on the Import option.

tronscan_Paper wallet
tronscan_Paper wallet

At this stage, the process of creating and accessing the addresses is complete. In the new page that opens, if you see the continuation of your wallet address instead of the Connect Wallet option in the image above, you can see that your wallet is activated correctly and all assets are transferred. Coded can be done.

tronscan_Paper wallet
tronscan_Paper wallet


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