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Total Locked Value (TVL) in the second layer of Ethereum (ETH) reached its historic high.

Hours ago, we saw a peak in the new roof of the second layer (L2) Ethereum (ETH) networks. Total Locked Value (TVL) in the second tier of the Ethereum blockchain network reached its highest price at $ 5.64 billion. This indicates a doubling of TVL in Ethereum ‘s second-tier networks due to increased transaction costs.

According to recent data from the L2beat statistical analysis platform, it is stated that. Atrium network locked in different networks and second layer platforms (L2) has reached its highest historical level at $ 5.64 billion. The analytics blog states that Ethereum’s second-tier comparability solutions have higher throughput and lower transaction rates; It has made the second layer of the Ethereum more acceptable and popular.

Hitting new ATHs in $ ETH locked in layer2

Investigation of total locked value (TVL) in the second Ethereum (ETH) layers.

Among the second-tier Ethereum networks that provide services to reduce gas costs, we can see Arbitrum with $ 2.67 billion in total locked value (TVL), with a 45% share of the second-tier market. It is in the first place.

Also in second place is the decentralized dYdX exchange with a total value of $ 975 million locked in. In third place is Loopring, with a locked value of $ 580 million. In general, we have seen that since the beginning of October, we have seen a twofold increase in TVL of the second layer of the ETH.

According to statistics from other in-network data analysis platforms, ETH currently costs an average of $ 40 on an in-network transaction. It is worth noting that this fee rate on November 9 also experienced a level of $ 65.

This has led to increased competition for Ethereum Layers (ETH) and the compatibility of many platforms to solve the scalability and transaction costs of the Ethereum network.

Source: Cointelegraph

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