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We are launching a platform for analyzing sports data in motorcycling on a blockchain platform.

Scott Robinson is a person who collects some personal experience in the field of trading. Examining the statistical data and his interest in motorsports, he succeeded in launching a platform for analyzing sports data. Apex146 is the name of a platform created by adding blockchain to a combination of Scott’s skills. The platform is now adding new features to examine information gained from sports. In addition, all information obtained is stored on a blockchain platform.

Scott Robinson enthusiastically presented his project as an internship project to a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Together with other trainees, he created a framework for reviewing the data obtained from the Grand Prix of motorcycling. To examine the performance of athletes in this sport. Using his experience in business and financial markets, he created a platform. To be used to analyze information about athletes. According to data published by Robinson on this platform, there are specific methods for reviewing the available data to examine the capabilities of each athlete’s indicators properly.



The use of blockchain in the analysis of sports information is increasing.

He went on to say. The use of blockchain platforms in sports competitions is on the rise, and he has always had plans to penetrate the field. Also, the opportunities in this field were adequately understood by him, and he was introduced to this field with sufficient knowledge of the Apex146 platform. The Apex146 platform can share its classified information through other decentralized applications in sports through Oracles such as Chainlink. This feature makes it easier for users to access this information. Decentralized applications or Dapps will also have faster access to information.


Source: Cointelegraph

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