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Zebec has raised $ 15 million in Solana-based programmable cash flow protocol.

Zebec, one of the digital currency clearing startups, announced on Tuesday that it had raised about $ 15 million in a Series A investment. Zebec has developed a Solana -based protocol for the continuous and immediate settlement of financial transactions. And raised funds under the leadership of Solana Ventures and Distributed Global. Other investors in the investment were Alameda Research, Circle, Coinbase Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and DST Global.

According to various statements, the new budget will be used to continue the expansion of the Zebec protocol. The idea behind Zebec is to make it easier for users to send and receive payments. Zebec was officially launched last November on Solana‘s main network with a $ 6 million grant, along with a payroll program. The investment was led at the time by Breyer Capital, Republic Capital, and Shima Capital.

Zebec founder Sam Tapalia said in a statement on Tuesday:

Despite all the decentralized financial promises and Web3, most organizations still rely on Web2-style payments, or at best, one-time wallet transfers. We offer a native Defi solution for instant, seamless, and continuous monetary flows. And we think Zebec is the future model of chain payments.

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